Rotarians Hear About Sunoco’s Fulton Operation

FULTON, NY – Fulton Noon Rotarian Terry Bennett invited Erin Tones, the process manager from Sunoco Ethanol Plant in Fulton, to be the guest speaker at the Fulton Rotary Club at a recent meeting.

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Terry Bennett, left, and Erin Tones

Sunoco purchased the Fulton plant in 2009 and has used the existing tankage from Miller Brewing for its operations.

Sunoco employs 71 full-time people at the plant.

Fulton is only one of two of the remaining manufacturing operations Sunoco still owns as most of Sunoco’s efforts have been in retail gas stations in recent years.

Sunoco’s other manufacturing operation is its large refinery in Philadelphia, Pa.

The Fulton Sunoco plant is a Zero Waste Facility.

They recycle all their water and produce only one dumpster of waste product every two weeks.

85% of the corn used at the plant is purchased in New York State and most is grown within 100 miles of Fulton.

The Fulton facility produces the green ethanol that NASCAR uses.

Another product they produce is distillers grain which is used for livestock feed.

A new product last year, corn oil (not the cooking kind) is turned into biodiesel and sold in Pennsylvania.

The Fulton plant produces 25% of Sunoco’s ethanol needs.

Another by-product of the plant is various gases given off during the processing of corn.