Rotarians Hear About The Fulton YMCA

FULTON, NY – Fulton Rotary Club’s program chairperson, Steve Osborne, introduced Lisa Pachmayer, the Fulton YMCA interim director, to the Fulton Rotarians at a recent meeting.

Lisa updated the membership of  the Fulton Noon Rotary Club, on the services provided by the Y and also some changes that have been happening.

Lisa Pachmayer and Steve Osborne
Lisa Pachmayer and Steve Osborne

The YMCA services range from activities for prenatal care to senior citizens.

These activities include daycare, water exercise, swim lessons, Zumba, family fun nights, summer picnics and the list goes on and on.

The Y’s philosophy is “Everyone is welcome” and discounts for membership are available based on income.

Lisa explained that the Fulton YMCA has entered into a management contract with the Syracuse Y.

Lisa’s role over the past year as interim Y director has been to help the Fulton Y reorganize and transition through some changes to improve its overall operations.

During this past year, the Oswego Y has seen how this has been helping the Fulton Y and are now interested in partnering with Syracuse.

Many benefits can be derived from relationships such as this.

Over the next year, the Fulton Y will be making decisions of which way to proceed: merge under the Syracuse umbrella, partnering with the Oswego Y or going it alone as in the past.

There are pros and cons to be considered for each choice.

Community members and Y members can discuss these changes with the Y management team.