Rotarians Hear About WCNY Programs

FULTON, NY – Liz Ayers, who works for the Public Broadcasting Station, WCNY, in Syracuse, recently spoke at the Fulton Rotary Club.

Judy Young introduced Liz to the Rotarians.

Liz Ayers, left, and Judy Young
Liz Ayers, left, and Judy Young

Liz told the Rotarians about the new WCNY facilities that are being constructed on Syracuse’s west side.

The new facilities will be completed in December and all production will move there.

The building has over 100,000 square feet of space and will be used for many purposes.

The station has been proclaimed as the pilot station for the national PBS, for they have been very innovative in their production and building design.

WCNY will now be the hub for most of the PBS stations in New York State.

It will produce and distribute programs to many other PBS stations.

Liz also discussed how WCNY promotes and instructs their literacy programs.

They now have more than 7,000 clients and many other stations that subscribe to their literacy productions.

Their approach is called “family literacy” because it teaches the adults how to teach the children to read even if the adults have trouble reading.

Another new venture at WCNY is called Enterprise America.

It is aimed at financial literacy for young people.

The center will be made available to 30,000 students in the 19 counties surrounding Syracuse each year.

It will teach them how to run a business.

The students will be sent a curriculum book to prepare themselves for a day trip to the station to practice their skills.

It will be hands-on at the different stores and shops.

WCNY also plans on opening up the building to the neighborhood for their use.

The station is still soliciting donations to complete the $20 million project.