Rotarians Learn About Blessings in a Backpack

FULTON, NY – At a recent Fulton Sunrise Rotary meeting, Rotarian Linda Rossiter introduced Mary Beth Hill, Fulton Program Coordinator for Blessings in a Backpack.

Rotarian Linda Rossiter, left, and Mary Beth Hill
Rotarian Linda Rossiter, left, and Mary Beth Hill

Hill spoke to the club about this national organization that has local service in Oswego and Fulton.

They send food home to those elementary or Pre-K children in need, when the children are not in school, but home on weekends or breaks.

Their goal is to feed more families through the schools.

They now serve 50 children in Fulton and 50 in Oswego.

Both Fulton and Oswego are served by volunteers.

They pack plastic bags on Sunday, usually at churches, deliver to schools on Wednesday and the school
distributes them to the children on Friday by putting the bags in the children’s backpack.

They hope to recruit more volunteers as they continue to increase the number of children served.

We can help by getting the word out for volunteers and donations.

Find out more about this organization by calling 315-593-7845.