Rotarians Learn About Cancer Services Program

FULTON, NY – At a recent meeting, Rotarian Ray Czachor, introduced Carolyn Handville at the Noon Fulton Rotary Club meeting at the Tavern On The Lock Restaurant.

Carolyn is the program manager of the Cancer Services Program Partnership of Oswego County.

Carolyn Handville and Ray Czachor
Carolyn Handville and Ray Czachor

The Cancer Screening Services is a program of Oswego County Opportunities.

Carolyn told the Rotarians that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

Carolyn wanted to stress that one-third of all colon cancer deaths could be avoided with early detection.

Her program is available for anyone and is free for the uninsured residents of Oswego County between the ages of 40-64.

The cut off is 64 due to Medicare kicking in once we reach 65.

The program will provide screenings, diagnostics, and some treatment not only for colon cancer but breast, prostate, and cervical cancers.

Carolyn was asked how often someone should be checked for colon cancer.

Her answer was that it is a case by case basis, but the first screening should be at 40 years old if either or both parents had colon-rectal cancer or polyps.

If there is no history of colon cancer in the family, then screening should start at 50 years of age.

Rescreening depends on what conditions are found during the initial screening.

Carolyn pointed out to the Rotarians that the most important key is to go the first time!