Rotarians Learn About The State Fair

FULTON – At a recent Fulton Sunrise Rotary meeting, Rotarians welcomed Troy Waffner, New York State Fair Director and Dave Bullard, Marketing and PR Director.

Pictured from left are: Rotarian Silvia Langdon, Rotary President Dan Farfaglia, Troy Waffner, Rotarian Betty Maute and Dave Bullard.

Waffner gave an overview of his plans for growing the NYS Fair.

During the 13 days of the fair in 2018, 1.27 million people attended the fair which is a 41% increase.

It is the largest fair in the East with 600 venders on the fairgrounds, 250 State Troopers, more than10,000 animals and all the agricultural entries that have to be accounted for.

It takes a full year to plan the fair.

He believes one way to grow the fair is to continue to reduce the cost to attend the fair by offering more $1 days and senior days.

Bullard added that New York State recently completed a $120 million investment – improvement to the fair.

The Expo Center is a key piece of the investment.

It is the largest indoor event center north of NYC, at 110,000 square feet.

The New York State Fair receives no taxpayer dollars.

All monies to host the fair are generated by the fair.

They do get capital money from the state to maintain the buildings.

The Fulton Sunrise Rotary meets every Friday at 7 a.m. at Mimi’s.