Rotarians Learn About WIC

Fulton Rotarian, Erin Sachel introduced Kami Storrs from the Oswego County Opportunities staff.

Kami is the coordinator of the Women’s, Infants and Children program.

Erin Sachel, left,  and Kami Storrs
Erin Sachel, left, and Kami Storrs

This state and federal program supports lower income mothers who are  past  nursing and their babies, from pre-birth to 5 years of age.

WIC focuses on nutrition and provides both food and education to accomplish this goal.

There must be financial need, up to 849/week for families of 4 and 949/week (or so) for families of 5.

If you are registered in other state support systems, WIC membership is very easy.

The WIC program counselors have also formed a support team of 9 ladies to help with breast feeding.

They have eight  sites throughout the county, with the local  one at Believer’s Chapel.

This program meets on Tuesdays and serves 700-800 plus mothers.

Kami and her staff can also provide cross over information for other agencies to meet family needs.

Call 598-4717 for more information on WIC and other programs serving families in Oswego County.