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September 25, 2018

Rotarians Provide ‘Books For The World’

OSWEGO, NY – On Thursday Rotary Past District Governor Ward Vuilemot and Richard Kemmis spoke to the Oswego Sunrise Rotary about Books For the World.

“Rotary Central New York Books for the World” is a collaborative effort between Rotary clubs, affiliated youth clubs, other community and service organizations and The Second Wind Foundation.

President Carol Reed greets Ward Vuilemot, PDG and Richard Kemmis, center.

President Carol Reed greets Ward Vuilemot, PDG and Richard Kemmis, center.

Together, they proved kindergarten through sixth grade with picture/story books and kindergarten through 12th grade with textbooks to needed regions of the world to create opportunities for a better way of life.

Books are shipped to Rotary clubs and district distribution centers in Africa and other locations throughout the world where English is one of the primary business languages.

In addition, Spanish and English books also are sent to locations in Latin America.

The “Rotary Central New York Books for the World” committee provides general book types and descriptions, packing specifications and delivery information to a central marshaling warehouse to the Rotary Club.

The club buys, at cost, all the required packaging materials.

At the central warehouse boxed books are weighed, palletized and wrapped then shipped to The Second Wind Foundation in Houston, Texas.

In Houston, books from all USA Rotary collection centers are co-mingled, containerized and sent to third world Rotarian managed distribution centers.

Some of the shipping containers contain windows, doors and desks and are converted into temporary classrooms.

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