Rotary Club Hears About Humane Society’s Work

Rotarian Charrise Kidd introduced Jo Piersma, a board member and one of the original founders of the Oswego County Humane Society, at a recent Noon Rotary Club meeting.

Jo gave the Rotarians a little history on how the Humane Society came to be in Oswego County.

Charrise Kidd, left, and Jo Piersma
Charrise Kidd, left, and Jo Piersma

The road she lives on used to be a popular dumping ground for unwanted pets.

Years ago, some dogs were dropped off near her home and she rescued these beautiful animals.

But, due to the severity of their health problems, they did not make it.

She decided that something needed to be done.

Jo talked to many people and organizations seeking help.

Most counties in New York State have an animal shelter; but Jo found out that not having a shelter in Oswego County was a good thing.

Shelters can be very expensive and ultimately do not help solve the problem.

Spaying and neutering are more effective at decreasing the numbers of abandoned dogs and cats.

The Humane Society helps with these costs before the animals are placed in adoptive homes.

They also coordinate foster homes for these homeless animals until permanent ones can be found.

Her organization also promotes community education on proper pet care.

If you get a chance visit their website, and watch their video.

Oswego County Humane Society’s mantra is: Because People and Pets are Good for Each Other.