Rotary clubs host foreign exchange student

FULTON, NY – The two Rotary clubs in Fulton, Noon and Sunrise, are pleased to sponsor a high school foreign exchange student this school year.

Her name is Fabiane Fernandes da Silva from the city of Para de Minas, Brazil.

Judy Young, left, and Fabiane Fernandes da Silva
Judy Young, left, and Fabiane Fernandes da Silva

Fabiane is a 16-year-old junior at Fulton High School.

Each Rotary exchange student arrives in August and will stay with three host families until they return home in June, spending a whole school year in Fulton.

Fabiane has visited both Rotary clubs to give presentations on her home area.

Judy Young is the student Rotarian counselor for the noon club and Peggy Donnelly is the Rotarian counselor for the Sunrise Rotary Club.

If you are interested in hosting an exchange student in your home, please contact one of Fabiane’s counselors.