Royal Arch Masons install new officers

On December 3, members of Lake Ontario Chapter No. 165 held their annual meeting and election of officers.

From left are: Richard Fowler and John Congdon.
From left are: Richard Fowler and John Congdon.

A meal of meatloaf and baked potatoes was prepared by Lake City Victoria Chapter No. 205 Easter Star.

The evening’s business included reading of reports from the various officers.

A eulogy was offered by Robert Taylor for Harold Coda who recently died.

High Priest George Reed thanked the chapter for the privilege of serving them this year.

An election of officers was conducted.

Selected for 2013 were High Priest John Congdon, King George A. Reed, Scribe Allen Wood, Treasurer Ron Bond, and Secretary John Kraus.

The installation ceremony was conducted by District Deputy High Priest Richard Fowler.