RSVP Osteoporosis Bone Builders Program Training For New Instructors October 4

RSVP, a program of SUNY Oswego, is holding a training on Tuesday, October 4, for volunteer instructors for the Osteoporosis Bone Builders Program. It will take place at the First United Methodist Church in Mexico. The all-day training will be conducted by Virginia Gilbert, retired RSVP director from the Albany area who is now a consultant for the implementation of RSVP’s Osteoporosis Bone Builders Program nation-wide. Controlling Osteoporosis through a set of targeted exercise and education curriculum lead by volunteer instructors is one of many volunteer opportunities offered through RSVP. The training is free and lunch will be provided. Once trained, volunteers will be asked to help lead hour long exercise sessions, twice a week, at a location convenient for them.

RSVP’s Bone Builders Program has been in existence 12 years. There are now 22 exercise sites in Oswego County with nearly 375 participants. Ellen Wahl, Director of the RSVP program said, “The Osteoporosis program is RSVP’s largest and most rapidly expanding program because of ‘Word of Mouth’. People are hurting less, enjoying life more, and telling their friends.” The Oswego County RSVP has helped launch programs in Cayuga, Wayne and now Onondaga County.

To sign up for the training or for more information on RSVP program opportunities, contact the office at 312-2317 or email: [email protected] RSVP helps people 55 and older remain productive and through volunteering help themselves by helping others. The organization plans to help them keep doing just that, along with tens of thousands of individuals they assist each year—all for less than the cost of keeping two seniors in a nursing home on an annual basis. RSVP is a federal initiative of the Corporation for National & Community Service and is locally sponsored by SUNY Oswego and United Way.

Mills Bone Builders class led by instructors Betty Wells and Pat Phillips
Mills Bone Builders class led by instructors Betty Wells and Pat Phillips