RSVP Seeks Volunteers Age 55 And Older

OSWEGO – The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Oswego County, a division of SUNY Oswego’s Office of Business and Community Relations, is recruiting volunteers, age 55 and older, to serve through nonprofit agencies and organizations that meet critical needs, improve lives and help strengthen the Oswego County community.

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Pictured are: RSVP volunteers, Arlene Johnson (O’Mara Welcome Center volunteer coordinator) and Joan Osypiewski (RSVP telephone coordinator).

RSVP does this through collaboration with service providers and by focusing on priority areas established by the Corporation for National and Community Service, its federal sponsor.

Within the framework of “Healthy Futures,” for instance, RSVP recruits drivers for Meals on Wheels, staff for food pantries and soup kitchens, exercise leaders for Osteo Bone Builders, Six Steps to Better Balance and Aquatic Exercise programs, all of which help seniors to age in place and live independently.

Within Osteo alone, 70 instructors conduct weight-bearing exercise sessions, two or three times a week, at 23 sites for nearly 400 participants.

The Osteo program led to RSVP’s newest initiative, Six Steps to Better Balance, which was launched in partnership with the Oswego County Falls Prevention Coalition.

Like Osteo, the Six Steps program is designed to help older Americans with their balance. It helps participants prevent falls, overcome the fear of falling and reduce injuries if a fall occurs.

In addition to health and wellness programming, RSVP prioritizes recruitment for tax aide, driver safety, environmental stewardship, reading readiness, lifelong learning, disaster assistance, military personnel support, and so on.

A favorite seasonal activity, is working at the O’Mara Welcome Center, where volunteers give a warm and informed greeting to newcomers visiting our county.

RSVP also offers Mature Living, a free bimonthly newsletter with news and information that is both national and local in scope and of interest to older Americans residing in Oswego County.

For more information, call 312-2317 or email [email protected]

RSVP, locally sponsored by SUNY Oswego and United Way, is headquartered in 103 Rich Hall on the campus.