Rural Health Network To Survey Health Care Providers

OSWEGO, NY – In response to recent legislation regarding health information technology, the Rural Health Network of Oswego County’s Technology Committee is reaching out to local health care providers to assess how they are using health information technology in their practice.

The RHN has sent in depth surveys to health care providers with pertinent questions regarding their use of health information technology and the impact it has had on their practice.

These surveys are a followup to three seminars on electronic health records that RHN hosted last year: “Electronic Health Records and what Health Information Technology Will Mean To You,” “Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology” and “How to Transition to Electronic Health Recording.”

These seminars allowed health care providers an opportunity to see some of the electronic health record systems available to them so that they could begin their process toward the implementation and adoption of an electronic health record system that would best suit their practice.

“This survey will give us an idea as to how many practices have embraced the new technology and their feelings on how it has effected their practice,” explained Danielle Wert, RHN coordinator.

Two pieces of federal legislation – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 – include a number of incentives for health care providers to embrace health information technology and the adoption of electronic health records.

“We are encouraging health care providers in Oswego County to complete the surveys and return them to us at their earliest convenience so that we can get an updated look on what’s been done since last year. We also will use the data to learn what additional HIT information they need, so that we can plan future events to assist them in planning and implementing health information technology,” added Wert.

Physicians and health care providers can complete the survey on line at

The RHN of Oswego County Technology Committee is composed of information technology representatives from various health care providers in the county.

The committee meets regularly to plan events and assess health information technology issues and their impacts on the county.