By -  Gary M. Spaid
Photos – Bev&Ken Dippel Photos

WILLIAMSON, NY…Ryan Beeman, from Fulton, took top honors in the Sunoco Modified feature last Friday at Spencer Speedway. For Beeman it was his first win of the season and his third of his career at the speedway.

When asked about the pressure put on him by second place finisher Kevin Timmerman, he responded, “Everyone else makes their cars ‘wider,’ why should I?”

Fulton's Ryan Beeman picked up his first 2010 modified win at Spencer Friday night

Following Timmerman across the finish line in third was Buck Catalano. However during post race inspection, a carburetor infraction was found and Catalano ended up disqualified. This moved Erich Stritzel into third followed by Eddie Hawkins and Daryl Lewis Jr. Catalano’s disqualification moved Timmerman into the points lead at the track.

In the accompanying Street Stock feature, Roger Worden, from Fairport, recorded his first win of the year. Skip Powers won his fourth Super Six feature on the 2010 season. It was an important win as the Super Sixes were running for double points. And in the Auto Value Four Cylinder Scorpions, it was Kevin Bertolone winning his first of the year.

A special appearance by the Atlantic Coast Old Timers saw Bud Hinman, from Waterville, NY, take the exhibition victory. He drove a Chevrolet powered “Big Car”, the forerunner of today’s sprint cars.

“We found this car in a garage in Indianapolis in 1958, and put it back into running order,” stated Hinman. “We hit a lot of tracks each year, some 26 so far this season.”

When asked what his thoughts were about the new surface at Spencer, he replied,” I thought Oswego was a smooth track when were went there last year, but this track is ten times smoother then that.”

Also on hand were the Legend Cars for their second appearance on 2010. Jake Vernon took the 15 lap victory.

The 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature saw Beeman grab the lead from his outside pole starting position. The yellow flew on lap three when Toad Bradshaw slid off the track between the third and fourth turns. The restart saw the only major wreck of the night. Chris Finocchario, running in fourth, slammed into the fourth turn wall on the restart and started to spin wildly down the front stretch. He made contact with the wall multiple times and collected three other cars; Matt Lees, Mark Cline and his father Charlie Finocchario. This caused the red flag to be displayed. All of these cars involved in the accident were done for the night. Also pitting was Buck Catalano.

Daryl Lewis, Jr. (10) & Buck Catalano (6)

The restart saw Beeman hounded by Kevin Timmerman, with Eddie Hawkins in third. Contact between Jake Boerman and Bradshaw saw the yellow fly once more, on lap eight. Boerman was sent to the pits for the remainder of the race.

Beeman held off numerous challenges from Timmerman over the remaining laps of the race, as these two broke away from the rest of the field. On lap 18, Timmerman and Beeman touched coming down the front chute. Both saved their loose cars and continued in their battle. Catalano charged back into third, but only started to close the gap on the leaders with less then five laps remaining.

Timmerman made one last desperate charge at Beeman exiting the fourth turn on the final lap, but fell a half car short at the line.

The Street Stocks ran a 15-lap feature in which Roger Worden led the entire distance. In a race that went green-to-checkers, Worden held a seven to fifteen car advantage over second place Bobby Lippa Jr. In the closing laps Lippa closed the gap and charged under Worden but fell short at the finish line. Kris Hillegeer finished third followed by Mitchell Wright and Taylor Shove.

“We have had this car for ten seasons, stated Worden. “We added the crate motor this year and I think we have figured it out.”

The Super Sixes went 20-laps in their double points main event. Joe Bailey was the early leader with Ryan Hillegeer in second, being challenged by Peter Cowell. Cowell made his pass for second on lap two and headed towards the lead. On lap five he caught Bailey and passed him for the lead. One lap later it was Skip Powers moving into a side-by-side duel with Cowell. Finally two laps later, Powers was able to grab the front position. Cowell held onto second at the finish followed by Brain Hallett in third. On the final lap, Van Grant out dragged Chris Andolino down the front stretch to take fourth.

Skp Powers took home the win the the Super Six division

“This was more about being able to pass on the outside,” stated Powers in victory lane. “If we hadn’t been able to do that we would have been second tonight.”

The Auto Value Scorpions saw Dale Lazzaro led lap one and then drop back into the field. Kevin Bertolone grabbed the lead on lap two and never looked back. Bertolone took the feature win by four car lengths over Bro Bradshaw. Zach Willis, Russell Peets and Mike Bradshaw rounded out the top five finishers.

“I have a lot of people to thank, but especially my mom for the new tires,” stated Bertolone. “It’s hard to believe we got our first win.”

Jason Vernon took the win in the Legend cars over Brad Salatino, who won during their first appearance at the track on June 11.

“This was a blast,” commented Vernon. “What a smooth fast track. The good Lord blessed us with a great night.”


*The twice rained out Twin 25’s for the Sunoco Modifieds has been rescheduled to September 10, extending the racing season out one week. The first 25 lapper will be the rained out Sunoco Fuels Holland-Spencer Challenge race from July 23. Both races will award Spencer Track Points towards the 2010 NASCAR Sunoco Modified title. Complete point show for the other three main divisions will be run to complete their points races on that night also.

*Condolences to promoter John White who’s father passed away two weeks ago

*Seven ACOT cars were on hand for their first exhibition at Spencer Speedway. Most were former midget race cars….Fans can save their ticket stubs each week and use them the next week as a $2 discount coupon off the admission price. Ticket stubs, as coupons, are only good the next week only.

*It was Kid’s Bicycle race night. In the five and under class, Aiden Pomerantz took the win over Joshua Warner and Trinity Miller. In the 6 to 8 year old category Tyler Werner beat out Ryan Fernaay and Shane Scharett. Finally in the 9 to 11 year old catagoty it was Jacque Follette taking the win over Joey Sisca and Russell Ladelfa. The kids race from the fourth turn to the start finish line.

*An exhibition of the Sodus Microd Club took place during intermission. The club races in Sodus each Wednesday evening through the end of the season.

*This coming week will see the NASCAR Modifieds running a 100-lap Sunoco Fuels Holland –Spencer Challenge event. A complete program of Auto Value Scorpions, Super Sixes and Street Stocks will round out the show. Race time remains at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “NASCAR Place to Race” for upstate New York. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Series championship.



HEAT: B. Hinman, C. Fink, B. Goodfellow, D. Craine, K. Goewey.

FEATURE (10-laps): BUD HINMAN, Carl Fink, Ken Goewey, Bill Goodfellow, Dave Craine, Bruce Carman, Dave McCumber


HEAT 1: B. Salatino, B. Coon, Z. Truesdale, C. Newman.

HEAT 2: J. Vernon, B. DeBrakeleer, J. Decker, C. Spaker.

FEATURE (15-laps): JAKE VERNON, Brad Salatino, Zach Treusdale, Charlie Newman, Chris Spaker, Jeff Decker, Brett Coon.


HEAT 1: D. Lazzaro, Z, Willis, M. Bradshaw, R. Brown, J. Clark.

HEAT 2: K. Bertolone, B. Bradshaw, A. Knoepfler, R. Peets, O. Bradshaw.

FEATURE (15-laps): KEVIN BERTOLONE, Bro Bradshaw, Zach Willis, Russell Peets, Mike Bradshaw, Alison Knoepfler, Otis Bradshaw, Ryan Brown, Dale Lazzaro, Dave Bradshaw, Dan Scott, Joe Clark, Victor Cordova, Beth Dennie, Andrea LaManna. (Lap Leaders: Dale Lazzaro-1 lap, Kevin Bertolone- 14 laps)


HEAT 1:  R. Hillegeer, B. Hallett, P. Cowell, B. Allen, A. VanHall.

HEAT 2:  J. Bailey, C. Andolino, P. Davenport, S. Powers, V. Grant.

FEATURE (20-laps): SKIP POWERS, Peter Cowell, Brian Hallett, Van Grant, Chris Andolino, Ryan Hillegeer, Patti Davenport, Brandon Allen, Joe Bailey, Adam VanHall, Bill Malin, Denny Coyle-DNS. (Lap leaders: Skip Powers- 11 laps, Joe Bailey- 5 laps, Peter Cowell- 3 laps)


HEAT: R. Worden, K. Hillegeer, B. Lippa Jr., M. Wright, T. Shove.

FEATURE (15-laps): ROGER WORDEN, Bobby Lippa Jr., Kris Hillegeer, Mitchell Wright, Taylor Shove. (Lap leaders: Roger Worden- 15 laps)


HEAT 1:  C. Finocchario, E. Hawkins, E. Stritzel, B. Lippa Jr., T. Cheetham.

HEAT 2:  K. Timmerman, R. Beeman, B. Catalano, D. Lewis Jr., M. Lees.

FEATURE (35-laps): RYAN BEEMAN, Kevin Timmerman, Erich Stritzel, Eddie Hawkins, Daryl Lewis Jr., Toad Bradshaw, Bobby Lippa Jr., Terry Cheetham, Jake Boerman, Chris Finocchario, Charlie Finocchario, Matt Lees, Mark Cline, Buck Catalano-DQ’ed, Andy Lewis-DNS (Lap leaders: Ryan Beeman-35 laps)