S.O.S. Fest July 22-24 More Than a Dozen Bands

All are welcome to attend.

S.O.S. Fest – (Save our students) 3 day music festival

Hannibal Fireman’s field, Hannibal, NY

July 22-24

The event is hosted and sponsored by the Cabin 3 Youth Group of Gods Vision Church in Hannibal.

All profit made by Cabin 3 will be split between the Sports and Music boosters.

Details can be found at www.sosfest.org and on facebook at S.O.S.FEST
Many community organizations will have displays, games, merchandise, etc.

The bands include number 1 National recording artists “Everyday Sunday”, from Ohio, “4:thirtyseven” from Tenn., “The 7 Thunders” from Long Island, “Ps 100” from Medina, “Cry Of The Scapegoat” from Binghamton, “Stranger Than Fate” from Utica, “The Vintage Truth Band” and speaker Wes Aarum from Buffalo, “Give Us Jersey” from Syracuse, “Creacia” and “Christ Ties” from Hannibal “The BCY band” from Cicero, etc….

The Cost is FREE – ALL access wrist bands are available for $10 and will grant the purchaser discounts on tickets, parking, merchandise, etc.
Questions? Contact Erik at 315-564-6133