Sad What’s Happened To A Good Guy!

To The Editor:

It is so sad that a decent man has been put through what has happened to Shawn Doyle.

I have known Shawn since he was 8 years old.

I lived with him for 5 months while I was waiting to get into Springbrook Apartments.

Shawn bought me Christmas presents and would take no money for staying there.

So hard to hear what has happened to him, knowing the person that I know he is.

While I lived with Shawn, he was contacted by so many people to help out with this kid or that person, even older individuals in his district.

He would drop everything and take off running to take care of the situation.

I moved pails from leak to leak, when it was raining, he needed a new roof, but he was busy buying sneakers for a boy who played basketball, a coat for someone who needed it, a bicycle for another or putting on a dinner at Half- Shire, instead of spending money on a new roof.

Shawn is so lucky to have the support of many people in the area and a wonderful mom, who stands behind him and knows the charges brought against him were unfounded.

I’d like to see people stand up, help him through all of this, get his job back and return to the legislator position he once held; help him to get back a place in the community he deserves.

Sad that times have changed. You can’t help an individual, it could backfire on you. I don’t think Shawn will follow that advice!

Margaret Seeley,