Salute to Veterans

To The Editor:

The past week, for our Fulton community, has been one of recognition and continued support for the contributions that the veterans have made in all of our lives.

The news that after 56 years, Korean War Veteran U.S. Army Corp. Joseph Trepasso would be coming home after his remains were identified, was an emotional experience for us all.

The family’s long wait for the return of their loved one brought long-sought closure.

His arrival at Syracuse airport, and travel along highways and streets lined with hundreds of people and organizations was the start of a memorable welcome home.

Upon arrival in Fulton, the motorcade traveled past employees from several businesses and city hall as well as students from the high school and many respectful citizens.

The tributes and accolades that were at the wake and cemetery, were both emotional and inspiring.

At the end of the day, the Fulton Community Band and the 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum held their annual Salute to the Veterans Concert.

The concert was an outstanding tribute to our veterans and featured, at the end of the concert, the playing of each military service.

It is always an emotional time as the veterans stood up to be recognized when music depicting their branch of service was played.

Once again, we thank the veterans for their service.

Bob and Sandy Weston
Fulton, NY