Sandy Creek Students Compete Against Staff in Battle of the Books

SANDY CREEK – The Sandy Creek Central School District hosts an annual “Students Verses Staff” Battle of the Books competition annually as a fun way to offer more practice to students before they proceed to the county-wide Battle of the Books competition in March.

Sandy Creek students Piper Phillips, Abagail Baleom, Sophia Luce react in excitement to answering a question correctly during the “Students Verses Staff” Battle of the Books competition.

Grades competed at the third and fourth grade level, fifth grade level and sixth through eighth grade level.

This year, student groups beat out the staff teams in both the third/fourth grade level (winners Natalie Nemier, Haven Wielt and Adelle Harris) and sixth through eighth grade level (winners Abagail Balcom, Piper Phillips and Sophia Luce).

For grade five, the staff team of Mrs. Karin Nemier, Mrs. Buffy Peterson and Mrs. Suzanne Preston proved victorious.

As teams competed, students sat in the audience observing.

Sandy Creek Battle of the Books participants smile before the district-wide competition.

Younger students in lower grade levels beamed with anticipation of one day getting to participate in the competition when they get older.

The following students were winners of the school’s district-wide competition that also occurred recently:

third/fourth grade (Zeydan Johnson, Levi McNitt and Nicholas Anderson), fifth grade (Lola Tessier, Maggie Wallace and Alina Khan), sixth through eighth grade (Elizabeth Hobbs, Sophie Harris and Dominic Thurston) and ninth through 12th grade (Ashleigh Rosenbaum, Annie Chen and Elsa Graf).

These students will be representing Sandy Creek at the county competition on March 12.

Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program for students, where teams come together in groups to demonstrate their knowledge of books they have read.