Saturday’s Oswego Town Historical Society Meeting to Discuss Local Connection to Titanic Sinking

Oswego Town – The sinking of the Titanic will be the topic at the April 17 meeting of the Oswego Town Historical Society, which will take place Saturday, at 10 am at the Oswego Town Hall.

Oswego Town Historian George DeMass will present the program. He is a member of and Chaplain of the Titanic Historical Society, an international organization dedicated to preserving the memory of that great ship and its untimely demise. Mr. DeMass recently officiated at a memorial service for the last survivor of the famous sinking tragedy, Millvina Dean of Southhampton England, who he knew personally.

April 2010 is the 98th anniversary of the great ship’s sinking and the 17th meeting of the Oswego Town Historical Society will touch on the uncanny Oswego connection to the Titanic.

As always the public is welcome to attend the program. Light refreshments will be served. There is no admission charge.