School Budget Nearly Done, Officials Work To Lower Tax Rate

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District’s 2017-18 budget is nearly done. However, the tentative $82,938,392 spending plan still contains a 2.8 percent tax increase.

“Our goal is to create a tax increase that will be supported by the community and I think we’re almost there,” Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey said Tuesday night. “We’ve made progress in the last week.”

The district’s state aid figure is now at $24,516,759. That’s an increase of $432,250.

They will also use $1.4 million from the fund balance and $2.9 million from reserves.

Some of the proposed additions to the budget are actually a portion of some of the reductions that were made in the 2016-7 budget, the superintendent pointed out.

The positions the district is now proposing to add are:

•    Four elementary teacher positions
•    One OHS English teacher
•    Five part-time elementary Typists
•    One Career and Financial Teacher at OMS
•    Two special education teachers
•    A .5 Office Clerk
•    One Elementary Library Clerk
•    Two Custodians

The program additions the district is looking at include:

•    Full-Day CTE – 10 slots
•    OCC program – 10 slots
•    Athletics
•    Winter Guard
•    Four Team Leaders
•    Elementary Intramurals
•    OHS and OMS Clubs (TBA)

Other additions to the proposed budget are a large panel truck, two pickups and bus radios and a lease agreement to upgrade the district’s radio system.

“So, there are some decisions we have to make with pool of money that was allocated back into the budget last week,” Dr. Goewey said.

Under the proposed budget, the tax levy is $29,690,203.

The tax impact on a $100,000 home would be $58.91 and the rate per thousand accessed value would be $21.43, the superintendent pointed out.

The district wants to purchase five new buses, “So that we have a fleet of buses that are relatively maintenance free, safe and reliable, the superintendent said. Not only do we receive aid on the purchase of buses, we turn around and we replace five of our oldest buses.”

Voting is set for May 16 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The district now has four polling sites.

District No. 1, the Scriba Fire Station (Ward 10) is for the towns of Scriba and Volney.

District No. 2, St. Paul’s Church (Ward 2) is for Fitzhugh, (Ward 4) the Education Center, and (Ward 6) Riley.

District No. 3, Elim Grace Church is for (Ward 1) McCrobie Building, (Ward 3) Leighton, (Ward 5) Kingsford Park, and (Ward 7) OMS.

District 4, Oswego Town Hall is for (Ward 8) Minetto Elementary and (Ward 9) Oswego Town.


  1. Unreal. Increase spending by over 3 million dollars for less children. Please folks wake up and vote no.

  2. and using $4.3 million from reserve and fund balances. where does that money come from for future budgets? likely major tax hikes.

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