School Budget

This is a message to all voters in the Fulton school district who will be voting again on June 15th on the revised school district budget. We strongly urge the voters, as a show of support for the consistently difficult job of working to develop a budget that provides for a strong educational process and services in a cost effective and efficient manner, to show their approval by turning out in great numbers to vote in favor of the new budget.

Having got the message from the voters that additional cuts should be made, the school budget has been reduced by a $132,500, which would then increase the tax levy by 1.79 percent. The budget on May 18th was turned down by a mere 7 votes so if anyone thinks that their vote doesn’t count, look at the numbers.
We think that we all have a responsibility to take just a few minutes out of our busy day to cast a vote.

These are very difficult times as evidenced by all of New York State’s school districts. Our schools are much different now then they were when we went to school. And, as a result, there are many programs that have been initiated because of a greater need in most communities.

Once again, we appreciate the commitment that members of the school board make to a non-compensation job that requires a great deal of time and responsible action to the youth of our community. We would like to commend the school board, the administration and all school district personnel for their dedication.

Bob & Sandy Weston