School Bus Safety Puppet Show Reinforces Safety Message

The Transportation Department in the Sandy Creek Central School District entertained and educated students at Sandy Creek Elementary School with a puppet show all about school bus safety.

The program utilized a school bus puppet stage and the puppeteers used songs with safety message lyrics and tunes from current popular hits.

One such song, based on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe” encouraged students to cross safely when approaching the bus before boarding, other songs emphasized the safe bus riding rules, and standing back away from the road when waiting for the bus to arrive and other safety precautions.

Former Sandy Creek students Mike Cambarerie (2009), Dylan Gillman (2011) and Amelia Yousey (2012) lent their song-writing skills and voice talents to the puppet show recording.

Bus drivers served as puppeteers and Sandy Creek Transportation Supervisor Robin Cashel emceed the show.

Cashel also held a question and answer period where she reinforced the safety message with the students.