School Lunches Going Up a Nickel in Hannibal

A school lunch will cost a nickel more this coming year in the Hannibal Central School District.

The five cent increase was approved by the Board of Education during a discussion of whether to raise the price by ten cents instead.

One board member asked if five cents  will be enough to make the meals program self-supporting.

But Debbie Richardson, who heads the meals program for the district, said the extra nickle would be enough.  She said it would bring in an estimated $3,400 for the program’s budget.

She noted that some costs are rising for the food service unit, such as retirement costs for staff and the cost of some foods, such as ice cream.  However, a new bread supplier has brought down the price of that staple food and the cost of milk has held steady.

Only board member Donna Ingersoll voted against the five-cent increase.

Richardson also noted that the food service unit had recently passed a state inspection.  “I’m really pleased that my staff did such a wonderful job,” she said.

She said she’s working on two health improvements for the school lunch program: the need for more low-sodium foods and for more fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables.

Richardson also reminded parents to sign their children up for the free or reduced price lunch program.  She noted that the school district makes a little more money on subsidized lunches.

“People need to realize, ‘I am helping the school'” to sign a child up for the free or reduced price lunch program, said board member Madeline Pittorf.


  1. this article is a mess. “enouhh”?? The last sentence???? Get it together, this looks incredibly unprofessional.

  2. Rule #1: Never do 60 minutes worth of writing in 30 minutes. The result is the “mess” noted above. No excuses: It should have been properly edited and wasn’t.

    I’ve cleaned up the two spelling errors, and thanks for pointing them out.

    Not sure what you mean about the last sentence, though. I’m no expert (obviously) but I don’t see a problem there.

    Thanks again,

  3. In 2001, Farm to Schools program made fresh vegetables and salads a mainstay of the lunch program. Now my daughter in her senior year states they no longer serve salads, due to the new low-sodium goals, they no longer serve salads because of the sodium in dressings. They have however, begun using a fiber based filler to extend the quantities of actual food. The filler called Ztrim, is also used for industrial uses in glues and adhesives, etc. Really, does this make any sense. No salads available? The kids complain about poor food flavor, and now they are disabling vending machines during lunch hours, so they can not even buy a bottle of water. I suggest the school have a good look at this issue. The same person who took credit for adding salads to the menu, has now removed it. Well which is it? Salad is now bad for you. Dietary fillers are good. This is not innovation, it’s ignorance.

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