School Students Vote For Their Food Choices

OSWEGO, NY – The “Smart Choice Café” is kicking off the New Year with a “Vote for School Lunch” in all of the participating schools.

Students from Oswego, Mexico, Hannibal, Phoenix and APW will be casting their votes.

Vote for School Lunch
Vote for School Lunch

Molly Morgan, a registered dietitian working with the districts, said, “Five districts have teamed up and are working together to offer the healthiest menus items possible to their students.”

The school nutrition directors want to provide “positive choices” as this program features nutrition education messaging for students and parents as well as fun cafeteria promotions to get students excited about healthy eating.

Oswego School Lunch Director Dennis Jerome said, “I am excited to be part of this nutrition oriented endeavor. Everyone in the Oswego School Lunch program is focused on providing our students with the best meal possible and it is important to have our customers receive a voice in what they are eating.”

The menu item on the ballot is a recipe that was created by Rachel Ray, exclusively for use in schools.

The Chicken Noodle Bowl recipe features whole wheat pasta, veggies, and lean chicken with a homemade Asian style sauce. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade will be casting their votes on Jan. 10 in the café.

The results of the vote will determine if this menu items gains a permanent spot in the menu lineup.

School Nutrition Directors in the Smart Choice Café schools are looking forward to the student’s input and believe that serving balanced, healthy foods that kids love is their mission. Finding the right recipes is paramount to the success of getting children to eat healthy.