Schools Get Some Aid Increases in Governor’s Budget Proposal

Oswego County’s nine school districts would receive more than $7 million in aid increases from the state under the spending plan unveiled Tuesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The increases range from about 2% in Sandy Creek to more than 9% in Oswego.

However, the increases come in certain categories of aid and not in the category that matters most — foundation aid.

Foundation aid is by far the largest source of aid to schools. For example, it makes up about $29 million of the $38 million in total aid proposed for the Fulton City School District. Foundation aid is the money used to support basic and regular programs and services.

The Governor’s budget leaves foundation aid right where it’s been since the 2008 – 2009 school year.

Instead, there are incremental boosts in aid lines for special education and pre-kindergarten. And the increase looks larger because the state is reducing the amount of money schools are forced to give back from their state aid to help reduce the state’s budget deficit.

District by district:

APW $460,417  2.82%
CENTRAL SQUARE $1,346,948  4.35%
FULTON $1,238,341  3.73%
HANNIBAL $614,070  4.05%
MEXICO $1,435,887  7.05%
OSWEGO $1,393,682  9.78%
PHOENIX $501,013  2.73%
PULASKI $487,752  4.83%
SANDY CREEK $230,185  2.07%