School’s Open—Drive Carefully Campaign Under Way

Major Rodney W. Campbell, Troop D Commander urges everyone to support the AAA’s annual “School’s Open—Drive Carefully” campaign to help preserve the safety of children traveling to and from school.

AAA’s yearly “School’s Open—Drive Carefully” campaign alerts motorists to the special risks to school-age children from motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of death for children from five to fourteen years old.

Motorists will receive an additional reminder each time they see one of the “School’s Open” bumper stickers, as well as other official vehicles, school buses and passenger cars.

Motorists should pay close attention while in neighborhoods and designated school zones, especially in the mornings and afternoons when schools open and close,” said Major Campbell.  “Most school transportation-related accidents occur while children are getting on or off a school bus which is why it is important for motorists to obey the law and come to a complete stop when meeting a stopped school bus or approaching one at an intersection with the red lights flashing and a stop arm extended.”

New York State Police Superintendent Joseph A. D’Amico said, “As our schools open, the New York State Police remind drivers to be extra careful behind the wheel. School zones mean school bus traffic, school speed zones, and children walking. By being alert and obeying traffic laws, the public can help law enforcement keep our children safe as they head back to school.”

Major Campbell also emphasized the need to show extra caution when driving as schools reopen, since it is then that vacation-minded children are apt to be less careful.

Motorists should be particularly alert for children darting out between parked cars on busy streets.