Schroon Lake District To Have An Oswego Flavor

OSWEGO, NY – When Schroon Lake Central School District’s new superintendent takes over on July 1, she will bring a little bit of Oswego with her.

At its April 14 meeting, the Schroon Lake board of education unanimously approved hiring Oswego Middle School Principal Bonnie Finnerty as the district’s new superintendent.

She was in town with her family to attend the school’s Academic Fair prior to the board meeting, where she took the oath of office and signed a five-year contract.

Bonnie Finnerty
Bonnie Finnerty

“I hope to bring to Schroon Lake CSD a renewed sense of passion and excitement for teaching and learning. I desire to support teachers and staff as they seek to provide high quality instruction to students through the infusion of technology rich learning activities,” Finnerty told Oswego County Today. “I hope to build upon the pride that was evident at their recent open house.”

The Schroon Lake facility is beautiful and the recently completed renovations only add to the character and appeal of the building, she added.

Throughout her tenure with the Oswego City School District, she said she’s observed teachers providing students with 21st century learning activities and engaging them in skill development through technology integration.

“The collaboration that exists between the administrative team at Oswego afforded me opportunity to learn from some of the best leaders,” she said.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from the Oswego Middle School faculty and staff and Oswego school community at large regarding my appointment at Schroon Lake. Change can be difficult yet so many people have genuinely conveyed their well wishes to me and my family as we make this change in our lives,” Finnerty continued.

“Bonnie has been a great addition to our district. Her commitment to her work and our district is unparalleled. She will be sorely missed, but I know that the work that she has begun here will be sustained. Her legacy is one of creating an effective and welcoming school environment where students, parents and staff felt a genuine part of the school community,” said Oswego Superintendent Bill Crist.

“As I transition to Schroon Lake, I will seek to understand and embrace their history, stories and successes, “Finnerty said. “OMS helped me realize how important this is. I will seek to enhance and build upon what is working and help Schroon Lake Central School District develop a strong identity as a premier educational institution.”

Finnerty said her visit to Schroon Lake during the interviews was one of the highlights of the process.

She enjoyed visiting classrooms, talking to faculty and staff, and listening to the students articulate what they desire in a new superintendent.

“Kids are always pretty honest. I enjoyed hearing their perspective,” she said. “One thing that came through clearly was their desire to have a very ‘visible’ and approachable superintendent/building principal. That fits nicely with my leadership style.”

The neophyte superintendent said her life has been enriched by her experiences, professional relationships and friendships developed while serving as principal at Oswego Middle School.

“What stands out most to me is the recognition that, despite great adversity and occasional seemingly overwhelming circumstances, the team at OCSD is just that – a team. I am so proud of the faculty and staff at Oswego Middle School for their unfailing commitment to our students,” she said. “I am always impressed by their compassion and commitment to excellence. I greatly appreciate the support I received from the board of education, district office personnel and school community.”

Finnerty was named OMS principal in July 2008.

“I will truly miss the people of the Oswego City School District that I have had the privilege to work with. I will take with me fond memories of PBIS celebrations, scooter basketball and the memory of a wonderful teacher, Suzanne Basualdo. Through her leadership she laid the foundation for my success at OMS,” she said. “I will hold dear an appreciation of faculty, staff and administrative colleagues for their willingness to step out and try something new in an attempt to best meet the needs of students.”

“She was an effective leader as a building principal. She will be a wonderful superintendent,” Crist added.