U.S. Senator’s Office Studying Fort Closure Issue

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said Monday that Oswego’s Fort Ontario should remain open, according to Syracuse’s Channel 3.

The TV station quoted Schumer as saying:

“I want to see Fort Ontario stay open and I’d look for any federal avenues to see that that happens.”

UPDATE: The TV station, on its website, called Schumer’s comments a “(p)romise to federalize if state cuts funding”, but Schumer’s office Tuesday said that’s not what he said.  Schumer’s press aide, Max Young, supplied this transcript of the Q&A with the Channel 3 reporter, which appears to say that the Senator’s office will study the issue.

SCHUMER: I’ve been to Fort Ontario. I know what a great tourist attraction it can be as well as being an important part of our history, and I’d work hard to see that with the state cutbacks at Fort Ontario, maybe the federal government could come in because there is federal interest.

CHANNEL 3 REPORTER: Are you saying you’d support that?

SCHUMER: Well I’d want to see Fort Ontario stay open and I’d look for any federal avenue to see that that happens.”

Spokesman Young said the Senator’s Syracuse office is investigating the issue now.

Fort Ontario is one of 55 state parks and historic sites on a list for closing or cutbacks as part of a long list of proposed state cuts from Gov. David Paterson to close a projected budget deficit that is larger than $8 billion.

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  1. I am happy that Senator Schumer is looking at Fort Ontario. Perhaps Fort Ontario could be turned over to the National Parke Service. As a former Historian with the Park Service I can see both adventages and disadvantages to the old Fort being part of the National Park Service.
    Another suggestion would be to let privat capital support and run the site, with rules that prevent it becoming a touris trap. With financing the Fort Ontariol Guard to return to duty.

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