Science Class Problem at Fulton Junior High Sends Person to Hospital

A buildup of gas in a science classroom at Fulton Junior High ended with one adult being taken to a local hospital as a precaution, a district official said.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch said that one of the gas valves in the classroom was turned on while students were in the room but before they were going to start a science lab.

There were seven students and three or four adults in the room at the time, he said.

The gas smell built up and the decision was made to get the students out of the room.  The gas valve was turned off.  The room was aired out.

The school nurse checked one of the adults, who complained of feeling ill, Lynch said.  The nurse called 911 and the adult was soon checked out by firefighters and paramedics.

Lynch said he believed the adult was okay, but was taken to Oswego Hospital to be checked out.