Scott DelConte Supported Across The Political Spectrum

To The Editor:

It may surprise some readers to learn that New York State’s partisan elections for Supreme Court Justices are far from the norm.

Most states use appointment commissions or nonpartisan elections to select judges. New York’s system risks the same politicization of the bench that we see at the national level.

Luckily, voters in the Fifth Judicial District, which includes Oswego, will get a breath of fresh air when they look at their ballots this year: a judicial candidate with support from across the political spectrum.

Scott DelConte, candidate for Supreme Court Justice, has been nominated by the Democratic, Conservative and Independence parties.

It’s easy to see why Scott has support from the left, right and center. He has degrees with honors from Cornell University and Washington & Lee University’s School of Law. He has 20 years of legal experience and was the president of the Oswego County Bar Association. He is active in his community, in his church, and on his family’s cattle farm.

In short, the Democratic, Conservative and Independence parties have all put Scott DelConte on their ballot lines because they trust his experience, his independence, and his pledge to decide cases based only on the facts and the law.

We need courtrooms where politics is not welcome, and judges who are immune from outside influence.

For evidence that Scott DelConte will be one such judge, look no further than your ballot.

Benjamin Kolp