Scriba Highway Chief Pleads Guilty; License To Drive Is Revoked

SCRIBA, NY – Michael Barry, the town of Scriba Highway Superintendent who was elected last November after failing to disclose his arrest for driving while intoxicated earlier that summer, plead guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor charge of Driving While Intoxicated in the Town of Brutus on June 8, according to the Cayuga County District Attorney’s Office.

Barry, 48, a resident of Duke Road in the town of Scriba, was arrested by the New York State Police on July 26, 2015, in the town of Brutus, Cayuga County, and charged with multiple counts of DWI, as well as several traffic infractions.

His blood alcohol level was reported to be .14% at the time of his arrest, nearly double the state’s legal limit for driving while intoxicated.

Brutus Town Justice Robert Hook accepted Barry’s guilty plea on the eve of a jury trial that was to begin on June 9.

Barry admitted guilt instead and Justice Hook imposed a sentence consisting of a Conditional Discharge, together with a $500 fine.

Barry’s license to operate a motor vehicle, which had been suspended by the Town Court since last November, was revoked for a period of one year and he was further ordered to install an interlock device on any vehicle he owns or intends to operate should his license be restored.

He faces additional sanctions from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, including a permanent revocation of his Commercial Driver’s License, and up to five additional years of license revocation given his past drinking and driving record.

Barry was convicted of DWAI in the town of Lysander in 2013.

DMV records indicate another DWI conviction for Barry in 1990.

The town of Scriba has scheduled a vote for this coming General Election in November to determine if the position of elected Town Highway Superintendent should be eliminated and replaced by an appointed position.

Barry, who is legally responsible for overseeing the condition of all highways in the Town of Scriba, will likely be unable to operate a motor vehicle for the entire term of his office.

The vote will take place on November 8.

The town board has indicated its desire to restore the position to an elected office as soon as possible should a replacement for Barry be appointed.