Scriba Highway Superintendent Responds To “Lies And Vicious Attacks”

Brad Coe, in a photo from his website.
Brad Coe, in a photo from his website.

To the Editor:

In an effort to present the facts to the residents of the Town of Scriba, I would like to provide a record of the highway department’s accomplishments with my leadership over the last four years as Highway Superintendent.  The main focus is and always has been the safety and well-being of Scriba residents and the traveling public.  Specifically, the department has accomplished under my leadership:

*Submission of highway budgets with < 3% increases per year, while cost of living increases have averaged 7% – a typical property valued at $100,000 had a total increase of $3.00 per year, while salt, fuel and steel prices have increased significantly;

*A 20-year rolling stock replacement policy.  4 years ago much of our fleet was old and rundown. Repair costs were astronomical and unreliability of machinery was causing us to waste time and labor. This policy spreads the replacement cost of equipment uniformly so taxes do not increase.

*Purchasing multi-functional, year-round equipment and phasing out old and unused equipment that can only be used seasonally.  This has resulted in reduced insurance costs along with lower operational costs.

*Implementing a road maintenance program that reduces the need to repave roads.  Rather than scaling back paving due to lack of funding, we are sealing road cracks at $1,000 per mile versus paving at $100,000 per mile; *Better scheduling of existing employees during their shifts with increased supervision has prevented the need for new, full-time hires and kept the lid on payroll.

*Use of computerized spreader controls to provide uniform coverage of spreading of sand and salt by our town trucks during the winter. This will reduce the cost of spring clean up, reduce the cost of mining and stockpiling sand with the added benefit of a cleaner town and your vehicles.

Naysayers will claim things are not the way they were. I agree, things are changing for the betterment of the town of Scriba. Better use of staff, safer roads, all with lower costs for the taxpayers.

This is just a short list of our accomplishments.  Time and space prevent me from going into greater detail but I welcome suggestions and would be happy to discuss any issue with you at any time. My commitment has always been to do the best job for you, and to do it as thoroughly and economically as possible. The safety of the residents of Scriba and the travelling public are foremost in my priorities. I have the necessary experience and background to continue to make this all happen, and with your vote, we can continue the excellent operation of the Town of Scriba Highway Department.

After the primary, I took a few weeks to think about this upcoming election. Many residents have called or written encouraging me to stay in the race. Most importantly, I have spoken with my family who have been the most impacted by the lies and vicious attacks on my character. What I came to realize is the negative campaigning was most unfair to the residents of my township, and it would not be fair to you to let these go unchallenged.

The release of the County report clearly showed no wrong doing on my part. It is clear to me that I must continue my run for Re-Election – I feel the voters deserve the opportunity to choose experience, integrity and leadership, which is lacking in my opponent. I refuse to allow my opponent’s campaign of personal attacks and negative campaigning to decide this election. Scriba needs to keep moving forward, not backward, and with my experience, I am the best person for the job of Highway Superintendent.

I am encouraged, invigorated and excited to announce my campaign for Re-Election as Highway Superintendent for the Town of Scriba. From now until election day, it will be my goal to reach out to every household in ourtownship. If you have any questions before that, please feel free to call or email me at 343-7924 or [email protected], and please honor me with your vote on election day.

Brad Coe
Highway Superintendent
Town of Scriba


  1. The words you speak sound good but that’s all they are you had jobs in the town you were going to fix and you never did the job I see plow trucks come late when plowing I see sand or salt being put down on roads that were wet with no snow on them and not a chance of freezing temperatures and your own men don’t want to work with you so I would say your best interest would be to drop out of the race

  2. Safety and well-being of the resident? Is that what you call it when the State snoblower crew that is working for you blows out the windows of a residents house and fills it half full of snow, you tuck tail and run rather than face the homeowners, instead leaving a couple of part time guys to face the irrate homeowners and clean up the mess. Thats a fact.
    3% increases per year, don’t cost much not to maintain the roads. Thats a fact.
    20 year replacemant policy, yep I hear the highway dept. has 7 pick-ups now, 3 in the last 4 years, one with all the bells and whistles. Most town highway depts. have one maybe two plane jane pick-ups. Is there that much road maintainance done with pick-ups? Thats a fact.
    Scaling back on road paving because of lack of funds kinda goes along with spending all the money on the pick-ups. Thats a fact.
    I know one thing you left out on your short list of accomplishments, the used six wheel snow plow you bought, spent two years fixing it for thousands of dollars, and then traded it for a new one for a big loss of taxpayer money. Thats a fact.
    As for the county report, they said you had bad paperwork and lack there of. I would call that wrong doing on you part. Thats a fact. Also I hear the investigation is not over, something about paperwork you had but failed to give to the auditor.
    From what I see you lack any experience in running a highway dept. even after 4 years. Integrity, I think this comment speaks for itself. Leadership, no such thing if you can run away from a problem like the snoblower incident rather than face the music, and your workers don’t like working for you.
    This being a Repuplican town and more voters turning out for this primary than the last one, I think the voters have spoken.

  3. First of all, with regard to negative campaigning in the Town of Scriba upcoming election, it should be pointed out to Mr. Coe that telling the truth is not negative campaigning.
    And here is a truth: Brad Coe, the current highway superintendent is as useless as a trap door in a canoe when it comes to interacting with the nine highway department employees. He has put the least experienced employee in the position of deputy because he can. He then leaves all interaction between his office and the highway crew up to the deputy. If his first act after originally being elected had not been to move his office out of the highway building he might be able to lead his men personally. Perhaps it was his need to buy all new office furniture and new kitchen appliances for that new office that has distracted him. Yes, he did need this kitchen stuff as it is a long walk of twenty feet down the hall from his new office to a fully set up kitchen.
    When the vast majority of a work force dislike their supervisor so much that the town has to hire temporary employees because no one wants to work overtime because of him , it begs the question “why”. Winter overtime is huge to these employees income, but seven out of the nine try to forego it because of him. The three previous Highway Superintendents did not have this problem. I have spoken with two of them personally concerning these highway guys and have heard only good things about them and their performance on the job.
    When you have town board member Terry Smith threatening Constable Ken Buske’s job for supporting Roger Myers it would seem at very least that Mr. Coe keeps bad company while being ineffective at his job, and this last business is not something I would think any voter would stand for. For any reason.
    I have only lived in Scriba for about 28 years, but it has been long enough for me to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and Coe and Smith are strictly chaff.
    There are many good people working for and on behalf of the Town of Scriba, and Roger Myers looks to be a good addition to help get rid of some of the chaff in the upcoming election.

    Carl Nemier
    Town of Scriba Resident

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