Scriba Taxes Cut 46% For 2012

SCRIBA, NY – Taxpayers in the town of Scriba have something to celebrate in the new year.

The town’s taxes for 2012 will be cut nearly 50% from the 2011 total.

Town taxes will drop to $.67 per 1,000. The 2011 rate was $1.25 per 1,000.

That means that the average homeowner of a property assessed at $100,000 will pay approximately $67 in 2012, as opposed to $125, according to Town Supervisor Ken Burdick.

Burdick credits the combination of sound fiscal practices by the town board, the increase in revenue from the recently concluded negotiations with the owners of Nine Mile Point units I and II and a commitment of the town employees to maintain the high quality of services provided to the town’s approximate 7,000 residents and businesses.

“Much of the credit goes to the town board for having the willingness to cut expenses without sacrificing services,” said Burdick. “Our negotiations with Constellation over units I and II were hard, but beneficial to the town’s taxpayers.”

The town of Scriba’s total budget for 2012 is approximately $3,557,048.

It is hoped that this will be a trend (downward) for years to come, said Kevin Caraccioli, Scriba town’s attorney.

The state can always change things, he cautioned.

For example, there are increased costs associated with pension and health insurance for employees (they rise every year), he added.

“We still have some negotiating left with Entergy. We continue to maintain a stable tax agreement with Dynegy (Sithe) and Novelis’ expansion will also continue to have a positive result for Scriba and the surrounding community,” he said. “A fourth nuclear facility is not out of the question, but would be years away from fruition.”

For now, and as a goal going forward, the Scriba Town Board will continue to make every move possible to keep town taxes trending down, he told Oswego County Today.

The town employs a full-service highway department to maintain its roads and bridges, provides fire protection to residents and businesses through its contributions to the Scriba Volunteer Fire Department, and offers weekly trash pick-up for no additional fee for all who live in Scriba.

“The Town of Scriba is a great place to live,” added Burdick.