Sea Cadet Corps Open House Set Aug. 11

OSWEGO, NY – The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a youth program for young Americans, male and female, ages 13 through 17 and The Navy League Cadets are for youth 10 through 13 years old, whose objectives are to develop an interest and skill in basic seamanship and in its naval adaptation, to train them in seagoing skills and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred virtues.

Cadets train aboard the ships and shore activities of the Navy and Coast Guard, and are authorized to by the Secretary of the Navy to wear Navy uniforms appropriately marked with Sea Cadet Corps-insignia. There are some-260 units in operation in almost every state in the union as well as Puerto Rico and Guam, with some 6,000 young Americans participating. The Naval Sea Cadet Corps affords equal opportunity for participation in all American youth without regard to race, color or sex.

They are having an open house/information meeting at the the Mc Crobie Civic Center 41 Lake St. on the 11th of August at 9 a.m. They will show a video of what the Sea Cadet program is all about then answer any questions you might have.

Your son or daughter will then be invited to stay for the day and will be paired with a cadet of the same gender and age for the day and can see what the program is all about firsthand. You can pick him or her up at 4 p.m.or if you wish they may stay overnight and you can pick them up on Sunday at 4 p.m.  If they are still interested, they will receive an enrollment package that they can complete and bring to the (September) drill.

They are NOT Navy recruiters and there is absolutely no obligation to join any branch of the military. They instead, train in self-discipline, self-reliance and leadership skills to make them better people, citizens and leaders. It is an outstanding and very inexpensive program.

Please RSVP via e-mail [email protected] or call 591-0000 or 315-343-8221 with any questions.