Sea Scout Ship 229 start up Toughest and Vigorous Training programs.

Oswego Naval Sea Scout Ship 229 Division will be starting up one of the Finest, Elite, Toughest and Vigorous Physical Training programs in Oswego NY. Sea Scout Ship Team One Specialist unit will be studying and working from Seal Team videos and P/T manuals to perfect their training. Unit Commanding Officer, Collin Ballou, Oswego Sea Scout Ship Amphibious Commanding Officer, Zack Perry.

Oswego Sea Scout Ship Recruit sign up will start on Saturday September 17th at 09:00 so if you want to be part of one of the finest Amphibious Sea Scout Teams in Oswego sign up Saturday September 17th at 09:00 SHARP!!!

“FIRST COME FIRST SERVE” we have a limited amount of Naval Uniforms to go around. All applicants must pass the indoc. The INDOC test will be given Sunday September 25th as part of our 2011 Boot Camp.


Oswego Naval Sea Scout Ship 229 will be holding their first annual Boot Camp starting on Friday night September 23rd this will be the sign in night for the Boot Camp and it will run for the next two days Saturday and Sunday.

The Recruits will experience everything that a Navy Recruit would experience at Great Lakes Boot Camp. Up early, run, Physical Training, Marching, Team Work, fast showers, fast chows and lots of hard work, rain or shine!!

If at any time you think that you do not want to continual on with Boot Camp there will be a Ships Bell you can ring three times!!. At that point we will process you out of Boot Camp and talk with you. We will have two past Naval Boot Camp personal on hand to assist with the weekend Training for your safety.

If you think you would like to be apart of this special Boot Camp event then you can also sign up on Saturday September 17th at 09:00. There will be a list of things to bring with you for the three days and how to prepare yourself for this vigorous program.

Call Jackie at 315-695-4838 or LT Fred Crisafulli at 315-342-7245 or e-mail us to hold a slot for you. Spots are limited!!! so contact us today. Please tell Jackie or Fred that you are interested in the Oswego Sea Scout Ship 229 Boot Camp and they will put your name on the list ASAP. Call ahead NON!! and the cost will be $28.00 if you wait until Friday September 23rd the cost will be $35.00 each. [email protected]
We hope to see you this Saturday September 17th at 09:00am Sharp!!

Come and feel what it’s like to be a winner…Good Luck!!,

Best Regards,
Skipper Patricia Whaley
First Mate Daniel Whaley
Sea Scout Ship 229 Division