Search And Rescue Under Way Near Oswego Harbor

At approximately 7:30 p.m. the Oswego City Police Department began receiving numerous phone calls regarding strange light sources and/or balls of fire over Lake Ontario directly north of the city.

Oswego City Police Department personnel made contact with the US Coast Guard- Oswego Station and were informed of the following:

At about 5:30 p.m. the US Coast Guard received a report of an unknown object in the waters of Lake Ontario just outside of the breakwall.

Coast Guard personnel were dispatched and as a result of their operation several flares were deployed into the sky.

Residents of the area are in no immediate danger from the flares.

The Oswego City Police Department has no further information regarding this incident.

OSWEGO, NY – An “object” in the water sparked a search and rescue event earlier this evening.

Judy Tuso Enwright shared this image of one of the flares going off over the lake this evening.
Judy Tuso Enwright shared this image of one of the flares going off over the lake this evening.

At about 5:30 p.m., Oswego Coast Guard received a call from someone claiming to have seen something in the water just outside Oswego Harbor.

Since the caller couldn’t identify whether the object was a person or perhaps just a log, a search and rescue operation got under way.

A helicopter was called in to assist with the search.

As of 8 p.m., nothing had been found and the operation was still under way.

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  1. It was cool in an eerie sort of way. We were out walking our dogs in West Park, and saw what looked at first like a helicopter over the park, although it’s search light was very very bright!

    Next a full-sized plane went over (small, but a real plane, not a cub). It hovered over the park for half an hour, and the helicopter started to fall to the ground. It was then we noticed the smoke coming off it and realized it was a flare.

    On our way home, several neighbors were walking down the street, and we told them what we thought was.

    Excitement in the City of Oswego! Even though it appears nothing was found, it’s still reassuring to know that our search and rescue teams are out there looking out for us.

    For this I thank you, Coast Guard and anyone else involved.

    Debbie Engelke
    Long Time Resident of West Park neighborhood.

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