Search for Crashed MQ-9 Drone Turns Up Some Debris

HANCOCK FIELD AIR NATIONAL GUARD, SYRACUSE, NY – Search and recovery efforts for the 174th Attack Wing MQ-9 Reaper aircraft that was lost in Lake Ontario on Tuesday, continued Thursday.

As a result of these efforts, some aircraft debris was recovered along the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Initial reports of debris were reported through the local authorities and this information was forwarded to the 174th ATKW Emergency Operations Center.

174th personnel were dispatched to the reported area.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing; as is the case with most Air Force accidents, the investigation will be accomplished in two parts.

Air Combat Command officials are convening a Safety Investigation Board (SIB) to determine the cause and to recommend measures necessary to prevent a recurrence. The SIB will not produce a publicly releasable report but is instead focused internally.

Officials will also convene an Accident Investigation Board (AIB) to investigate the matter and to produce a publicly releasable report.

In addition to documenting factual information concerning the accident, the AIB is required to state the board president’s opinion concerning the cause or causes of the accident and describe those factors, if any, that substantially contributed to the accident.