Search For Fulton Junior HS Principal Ongoing

FULTON, NY – The search for a permanent replacement principal at Fulton Junior High School remains an ongoing process.

In early September 2016, the Board of Education approved the resignation of former principal, Ryan Lanigan who accepted a new position elsewhere.

Later that month, the BOE approved an interim principal, Olivia Cambs who began her new role at the FJHS immediately following Lanigan’s resignation effective October 7.

According to Fulton City School District Superintendent Brian Pulvino, the transition of leadership to Cambs came at a challenging time, but went over relatively seamlessly.

“Coming in after the start of the year is always challenging but (Cambs) has been a great transition person. She’s new to our district, new to our school but she’s doing a terrific job,” he said.

Cambs will hold the interim position through the end of the school year while district officials continue the search for a permanent replacement to begin July 1, 2017.

At this time, district officials are paper screening applicants by reviewing their applications and other submitted documents to determine any applicants eligible for moving forward with the screening process.

Pulvino updated the BOE at Tuesday’s (Feb 14) regular meeting, saying there is an “interesting range” of roughly 25 applicants thus far.

“I’ve got expectations and there’s an interesting range in applicants. Is there a match in the mix yet? I don’t know. Hopefully there is,” Pulvino said.

Moving forward, district officials will continue paper screening applicants through the application deadline, next Tuesday (Jan 21) to determine whether any candidates warrant screening interviews.

From there, the district will work to develop stakeholder groups including parents, staff, community members, students, board members, and others to meet with any remaining candidates in mid-March, Pulvino explained.

Ultimately, Pulvino said he intends to bring an appointment resolution to the BOE for the final candidate by April 11.

“It will be interesting to see what happens with the process, how it emerges,” he said.

However, falling on the same evening as the budget resolution, Pulvino said if necessary, there could be a two-week delay in the official appointment to the next scheduled BOE meeting.

“The April 11 deadline is to ensure our candidate has enough time to prepare regardless of their current situation. Although we can move the appointment back if need be, I’d like to stick with our ambitious time line. We really want to find the most outstanding instructional leader for our Junior High. Our kids and our staff there, they deserve the best,” he said.