Search Under Way For New OHS Principal

Erin Noto

Principal Erin Noto

OSWEGO, NY – The unexpected resignation of Oswego High School Principal Erin Noto has left the district scrambling to find a replacement prior to the start of the new school year.

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Principal Erin Noto

“It was unexpected and we are in the process of considering an interim for that position while we conduct a search for a new principal,” Superintendent Ben Halsey said at Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

It was a “professional decision on Ms. Noto’s part,” he added.

Halsey said they had already planned on interviewing for the OHS assistant principal positions.

“But, given the circumstances now, it’d be inappropriate to hire assistant principals prior to hiring a principal to take over that building first. That person should be part of that process (assistant principal search),” he explained. “That is why my recommendation is to go to an interim until we have hired a new principal.”

The district is also looking to hire a new director of technology. Brendan Fear retired from that position earlier this summer.

From a personnel point of view “we do have a number of balls in the air that we’re trying to juggle,” the superintendent said.

Halsey said he hopes to have interims in place soon so as not having to rush the search process.

“We want to be thorough with it. I don’t believe we can conduct it in time to make a recommendation and have that person give notice to their current job,” he said, adding that it might not be until the first part of the school year before a new principal is in place.

Halsey said he has reached out to all the BOCES superintendents across the state for retirees who have indicated that they’d be interested in interim work.

“That’s where I’ve started. Honestly, the problem we’re facing is that at this late point anybody that is signed up to do interim work has already been assigned to places for the coming school year,” he said. “So, there are some challenges ahead of us here.”

Noto just finished her first year at OHS in June.

She hasn’t replied to a request for comment.