Second LWRP Public Meeting Allows Fulton Residents Continued Involvement

FULTON, NY – The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program aims to use Fulton’s abundant waterfront along the Oswego River and Lake Neatahwanta to attract visitors and residents as well as spur economic growth and water related commerce.

The LWRP, developed by a committee of city officials and volunteers, is the restructuring of a former LWRP draft that was last edited in 2005 to update the goals and visions of the plan to the city’s current position.

A first public meeting introducing the plan was held in December 2016 and covered the first two sections of the plan, Waterfront Revitalization Area boundaries and inventory and analysis, and also collected public input.

“We had a great turnout and we may have been a little premature in receiving public input, but we were overwhelmed with response,” said Joe Fiumara, Director of the Fulton Community Development Agency and member of the LWRP committee.

A second public meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, February 28 in the Fulton Municipal Building located at 141 S. First St. beginning at 6 p.m.

The program is made up of seven sections with three public meetings breaking down sections of the program in detail. The second meeting will target the third and fourth sections of the program; local policies and proposed uses and projects, respectively.

Expectedly, the most public input will likely be referred to in the fourth section of the program, proposed uses and projects, of which community members will help develop ideas for land and water uses and projects related to the city’s waterfront boundaries.

“The proposed outcomes section is where the public really fits. We already have heard a lot regarding ideas from people in the community and this is where we will solicit more public input,” Fiumara said.

The second meeting will present a matrix of responses to the public input categorized in the appropriate boundaries and will allow the opportunity for community members to continue following through the process and present any questions or ideas as they arise.

Community members can review the information presented and provide input after the fact as the plan will remain an ever evolving development until all three public meetings have been held and a final draft is completed.

At such time, the LWRP will be submitted to the Department of State which, upon approval, will open up ample opportunities for the city including the implementation of the LWRP and the availability to receive more grant funding to benefit the city as a whole.

Fiumara said he expects another good turnout for the second public meeting and is pleased by the community response and involvement in the program’s development.

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