Seismic Learning Opportunities At Fulton’s Summer School Program

FULTON, NY – Fifth and sixth grade students in the Fulton City School District Summer School Program explored various areas of earth science and chemistry in a few seismic classroom projects and experiments.

The first project involved researching the topography of New York State and producing a three-dimensional version of their findings.

Fulton’s Summer School Program
Fulton’s Summer School Program

Students Christian Wing, Derrick Rusaw and Zach Palmer are pictured with their finished projects that pinpointed the state’s capital, major waterways, and mountain ranges such as the Adirondacks and Catskills.

For their second project, the students constructed an active volcano.

Combining some of their artistic talents with some engineering ingenuity the students simulated a cone-shaped volcano.

Once constructed the students bloomed into budding scientists eager to explore how safe household products such as vinegar and baking soda when mixed with a few other common and safe liquids can cause a chemical reaction that simulates the flow of hot lava.

Ernie Ferro, Anthony Ferro, Summer Swank, and Logan Diefenbacher are pictured holding their erupted volcano projects.

Standing behind the students are Fulton City School District teachers Aaron Koproski and Harry Meeker.