Sen. Aubertine Says Thanks

By State Senator Darrel Aubertine (R-Jefferson County)


With Election Day now behind us, I’d like to take this opportunity to commend everyone who voted. We had a tremendous turnout and I also want to thank everyone who took part in the process.

I believe it is our duty as American citizens to cast our votes. By choosing our representation in local, state and federal elections, we all get a say in our government operates. That’s why I’m honored and humbled that the voters of Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties have chosen me to serve a full term as Senator in the 48th District.

It is a great responsibility to represent each and every one of us throughout these three counties, and I will listen to the concerns of our district and work hard for all of us to have our voice heard in Albany. I understand that it is a privilege to serve and I answer to you. This is not my seat or a political party’s seat. It’s our seat and I am the person fortunate enough to have been chosen to represent us.

I hope we all can set party politics aside and remember that it’s about each and every one of us, not the political parties we register with. I’m here to serve our district and represent our interests, so please know that my office and I can be reached at 782-3418 in Watertown, 312-3106 in Oswego, and (518) 455-2761 in Albany or through my Senate Web site at