Sen. Schumer To Hold Worker Rally At Birds Eye

The Birds Eye logo.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer is expected in Fulton Monday afternoon to hold a rally with workers at the Birds Eye plant.

The food processing plant’s future is uncertain after Birds Eye was sold to Pinnacle Foods, which is, in turn, owned by an investment company, Blackstone Group.

Schumer’s office said he would reveal details of his conversation with the head of Blackstone Group, in which he reportedly urged Blackstone to, according to a news release announcing the event, “keep every last job at the Fulton canning plant.”

About 300 people work at the Fulton plant, which is one of eight Birds Eye plants around the country.  A Blackstone Group representative told the Post-Standard recently that Blackstone officials are involved in a 100 day review of all aspects of the Birds Eye purchase and will know when the review is done what will happen to each Birds Eye plant.


  1. Here’s a thought…instead of begging this company to keep the plant alive, offer it some incentives to stay in this over-taxed state! Governments just don’t get it.

  2. Wait till the new company gets its tax bill from the city and school district. Then lets see if they stay. Fulton needs to WAKE UP!!!!

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