Senator Ritchie allots additional funding to Hannibal School District

HANNIBAL, NY – The Hannibal Central School district is the proud recipient of an additional $20,500 from Senator Patty Ritchie.

Hannibal received far less money from the state in this year’s budget than in previous years and the sum from the senator is greatly appreciated.

$500 of the money is going to go to Carol Burch, the “Teacher of Excellence” award winner.

The remaining money will help bring a staff member back to full-time.

“We were very excited to get that phone call,” said Superintendent Donna Fountain. “We plan to use the $20,000 to bring a teacher back to full-time that was excised and then came back part-time. And that is going to be able to provide AIS services at the high school for English which we currently don’t have. So, we will be including that next year, we’re very happy about that.”

Fountain expressed deepest gratitude to Ritchie on behalf of the board and the entire district.