Senator Ritchie Joins Colleagues To Call For End Of Gap Elimination Adjustment Budget Gimmick

State Senator Patty Ritchie joined fellow lawmakers at the Capitol to call for an end to the “Gap Elimination Adjustment,” a budget gimmick that has continued to hurt schools and students since its implementation in 2010.

“Since the GEA went into effect, five years ago, before I took office, it has cost schools across our state upwards of $8 billion dollars. That’s literally thousands of dollars per student that could have been put towards providing them with new opportunities to further their education,” said Senator Ritchie.
“Today, I’m proud to stand with my fellow lawmakers to call for putting an end to the GEA once and for all. We owe it to our state’s hardworking teachers and their students to fight back against the GEA and give them the resources they need to be successful in the classroom.”

In recent years, Senator Ritchie has fought on behalf of teachers, students and their families to reduce the GEA, which was designed in 2010 to help close New York’s $10 billion budget deficit, for school districts she represents by more than 78 percent; a higher ratio of GEA reduction than other areas of the state.

Currently, she sponsors legislation to fully repeal the GEA.

In addition, last week, Senator Ritchie launched a petition calling for an end to the GEA.

Those who haven’t yet signed the petition, can do so at

Individuals without access to a computer can call (315) 782-3418.