Senator Ritchie Named To New Senate Technology and Innovation Committee

State Senator Patty Ritchie announced she has been named to the  newly created  Senate Select Committee on Technology and Innovation that will be looking at ways to strengthen economic development and create jobs by increasing access to technology programs.

“Ever changing advancements in technology and innovation are already seen as major forces in economic growth, providing endless possibilities for new and interesting career paths for our young people,” said Senator Ritchie. “I am excited and look forward to joining with my Senate colleagues on the task at hand as we work to come up with new ways to increase access to technology programs that will put more people to work, not only in my region but across the state.”

Senator Ritchie is one of 11 senators named to the Senate Select Committee on Technology and Innovation.

The committee is charged with looking at current and future needs of  New York’s technology business climate and recommending improvements to broaden career opportunities to access businesses and programs for all residents of the state.

The group will also be looking at increasing access to technology for various groups, including veterans, women and minorities among others.