Senator Ritchie visits Volney classroom that received mini laptops

New York State Senator Patty Ritchie visited one of the classrooms in the Fulton City School District (FCSC) that benefited from a grant procured by the Senator to purchase mini lap top computers.

New York State Senator Patty Ritchie visited Tonyajo Wiegand’s classroom at Volney Elementary School to see how the students were utilizing mini computers purchased with a grant she procured for the district. From left are: Wiegand, Sean Simmons and Senator Ritchie.

The mini computers in use in Mrs. Tonyajo Wiegand’s third grade classroom at Volney Elementary School in the FCSD are being put to good use by the students, who among other things keep a daily classroom blog.

The students were eager to show Senator Ritchie how they utilize the computers for their blogs, twitter feeds, and daily work within a secure classroom server.

“You are all ahead of me,” Senator Ritchie sighed. “I’m glad to see everyone interested in the notebooks and in school. Making sure you have the resources for equipment such as this is very important to me.”

Senator Ritchie is pictured with Heidie Hall as she shows the Senator how she uses Twitter on their own secure classroom server. “You are way ahead of me,” said Ritchie, who uses other forms of social media but has yet to break into tweeting. Students are able to “tweet” each other but cannot access the web for public tweets.

Eighty mini laptops were purchased with the grant for use in one classroom in each of the four elementary buildings.

The students commented on how much they enjoyed using the laptops when doing writing assignments, and how much they enjoyed writing in their blogs.

Bill Lynch, FCSD Superintendent of Schools, noted that with the emphasis on writing in all content areas, using the laptop computers makes the writing portion even better.

“On behalf of the students in all four elementary schools in the district who were recipients of the lap tops, we want to thank you, Senator Ritchie, for not only the notebooks, but other materials you have helped us with and your support of our district and education,” said Mr. Lynch.

The students echoed Mr. Lynch’s appreciation with a big “Thank you!” to the Senator before she had to be on her way.

Senator Ritchie went around to each student in the classroom to personally introduce herself and speak with them a moment about their new mini computers and school in general. Here she meets with Alyssa Musico who thanked the senator for helping the district with the grant for the computers.