September 2011 Was Warmer, Wetter Than Average

OSWEGO, NY – September 2011 was a very warm month, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service

The average temperature last month was 65.6 degrees. That is 3.6 degrees higher than normal.

The highest temperature was 84 degrees on the 4th and the lowest was 43 degrees on the 17th.

There were no records set.

September had 5 days where it was 80 degrees or warmer.

“They were the first 5 days of the month,” Gregway noted.

There were 12 days where the temperature was 70 degrees or higher, he added.

Twice the overnight low was in the 70s.

“That, combined with all the days in the 80s and 70s helped push the temperature average up to where it is,” Gregway explained. “We wound up in a 3-way tie for 10th warmest September since 1854.”

Since 1969, when he became the official observer, it is the 6th warmest, Gregway said, adding that a lot of the warmest months have been recorded in the past decade.

The month also saw 4 times when the overnight low was in the 40s.

September’s precipitation came in at 5.62 inches. That is 1.45 inches above average.

Since the first of the year, total precipitation stands at 38.31 inches. That is 7.42 inches higher than average.

“We’re right up there. It’s been wet, really wet,” Gregway said. “We had a wet spring. We just haven’t dried out at all.”

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 2.80 inches on the 5th.

“We’re in kind of a wet streak,” Gregway observed, adding that August had more than 2 inches of rain on the 9th and more than 1.5 inches on the 21st.

The wettest September on record is 2010 (8.64 inches) and the driest is 1844 (0.54-inch).

September saw 49 percent of the possible amount of sunshine. That is 7 percentages below average.

The number of cloudy days, 12, was 2 above average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 16, was 6 above average.

The number of clear days, 2, was 8 below average.

Last month had 4 thunderstorm days, which is 1 above average. There were 3 foggy days, which is 2 above average.

Snowfall for September, a trace, was average. It came on the 15th in the form of ice pellets, Gregway explained.

There were 14 days of measurable precipitation with streaks of 4 in a row and 3 in a row (twice).

A trace of precipitation was recorded 2 days.

And, no precipitation fell on 14 days, with a streak of 5 in a row.

“We had sprinkles off and on through the entire month,” Gregway said.

The highest barometric pressure was 30.48 on the 17th and 18th. The lowest was 29.55 on the 30th – which has given us the recent stretch of dreary and rainy weather, Gregway pointed out.

September wasn’t that windy, according to Gregway.

The strongest winds were west-northwesterly at 20 to 25 mph, with a couple gusts more than 25 mph, on the 15th, Gregway said.

In all, there were just 2 days where wind speeds topped 20 mph.

By comparison, September 2010 was 2.1 degrees warmer than average. The highest temperature was 91 degrees on the 3rd and it hit 90 just 1 other time that month (on the 1st ).

There were 3 readings in the 80s and 6 in the 70s.

It also set the record for wettest September on record (8.64 inches) beating out the 7.55 inches back in 1975.

The amount of possible sunshine was 16 percentages below average last September.

The warmest September on record is 71.0 degrees in 1881. The coldest is 50.6 degrees in 1896.

The highest recorded temperature in September is 96 degrees in 1953 and the lowest came twice, 1963 and 1991.