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September 18, 2018

September 2016 Was Warm, But ‘Not That Warm’

September saw plenty of nice sunsets - and even more nice days.

September saw plenty of nice sunsets – and even more nice days.

OSWEGO, NY – The temperature for September 2016 was warm, very warm. But overall, it’s not really warm, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

“The temperature last month came in at 65.0 degrees. That is 2.5 degrees higher than average,” he said. “I thought that would be up there. But, when I checked – it only came in 14th warmest since 1855. The warmest was (71.0 degrees) 1881.”

September 2015 came in at 67.0 degrees, he added.

There were no temperature records set last month.

The high was 80 or above 5 times, 4 of which were consecutive.

The overnight lows dropped into the 40s 6 times.

However, on the 9th, the low was a balmy 71 degrees, Gregway noted.

The highest temperature for the month was 88 degrees on the 10th. The lowest was 40 degrees on the 25th.

Total precipitation for the month was 4.04 inches. That is 0.06-inch below normal.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period, 2.01 inches, came on the 8th during a thunderstorm.

Roses were still in bloom at the end of September.

Roses were still in bloom at the end of September.

“We also had 1.45 inches on the 18th,” Gregway said. “We had a couple of big bangs, or else it would have been a very dry month.”

However, since the first of the year, total precipitation (27.76 inches) is 2.35 inches below where it should be.

September had “only” 6 days of measurable precipitation, Gregway said. That included a pair of 2 days in a row streaks.

There were 3 days of just a trace and 21 days that were rain free, including streaks of 7 and 4 days in a row.

There were 3 thunderstorms, which is average.

The number of foggy days, none, was 1 below average.

September saw 67 percent of the possible amount of sunshine.

“That’s 11 percentages higher than average,” Gregway said. “It was a really sunny month; a lot of blue sky.”

The number of cloudy days, 7, was 3 below average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 11, was 1 above average.

The number of clear days, 12, was 2 above average.

The highest barometric pressure was 30.41 on the 30th. The lowest was 29.74 on the 8th, the day of the heavy rain and thunderstorm, Gregway observed.

September’s strongest winds were west-northwesterly at around 30 mph on the 11th.

“They were also westerly in the 25 – 30 mph range on the 8th during the thunderstorm,” Gregway added.

The warmest September on record is 1881 (71.0 degrees).

Other warm Septembers: 2002 (67.1 degrees), 2015 (67.0 degrees), 1999 (66.6 degrees), 1971 (66.0 degrees), and a 3-way tie: 2005, 2007 and 2011 (65.6 degrees).

September 1896 is the coolest (50.6 degrees).

The most precipitation, 8.64 inches, was recorded in 2010. In 1975, the total was 7.55 inches. The least precipitation, 0.54-inch, came in 1844.

September’s all time high temperature, 96 degrees, came on the 4th in 1953. The lowest, 30 degrees, was recorded twice – on the 24th in 1963 and the 30th in 1991.

The snowiest Septembers are 1899 and 1985, both received 0.1-inch of snow.

Usually, September receives a trace of snow.

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